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ATX PRO 50 Sport 1.5 inch Blade with Sports Thatch Zone



Price per square foot: $1.69

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Updated July 15, 2024

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How Much Turf do You Need?  Use Our Turf Calculator for your total square feet, roll count, excess turf, and amount of glue and seam fabric needed.

ATX Pro 50 Sport is our premier indoor and outdoor sports artificial turf.  The 50 oz Face Weight and 1.5 inch Pile Height,  provide versatility and can be used in a number of applications.  The fibers have a built in Thatch Zone, a second layer of shorter fibers, to add cushion, ball predictability and help the taller fibers stand up straight.

As our most popular product, this turf can be installed inside batting cages, high-end sports facilities or used on any baseball field application. Drainage holes in the backing also make this turf an ideal turf outdoors.

This turf is soft and plush…. almost like a padded turf product. It is designed for facilities that want to make their facility, cages, or fields pop. 12 year warranty. Rolls come 15 foot wide. Visit our Turf & Netting Blog area to learn more about Face Weight, Pile Height, Thatch and installation techniques.  Without rubber infill or padding, this product is much more easily removed and recycled at the end of it’s life.

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15 x 10, 15 x 20, 15 x 25, 15 x 30, 15 x 35, 15 x 40, 15 x 45, 15 x 50, 15 x 55, 15 x 60, 15 x 65, 15 x 70, 15 x 75, 15 x 80, 15 x 85, 15 x 90, 15 x 95, 15 x 100

3 reviews for ATX PRO 50 Sport 1.5 inch Blade with Sports Thatch Zone

  1. Miguel

    Can this be used for an outdoor pitching mound? Does it come in other colors?

    • John

      Hi Rick, yes our turf can be used on outdoor pitching mounds. It does come in other colors.

  2. Buddy

    What is the shortest depth that you sell?

    • John

      Hi Buddy, 15 x 10 is the smallest size. If you are referring to the pile height, our nylon turf is .5 inches.


  3. John

    Awesome Turf. Used for our 5000 sq feet facility.

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