Press Release: May 10, 2023

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All Sport Park in San Marcos to Add Four New All Turf Youth Baseball FieldsAll Sport Basball San Marcos, TX

ATXTurf selected as the vendor to design and install the new artificial turf project.

Published: Thursday, May 10, 2023

5/10/2023 – San Marcos, Texas.   All Sport Baseball Complex is proud to announce they will be expanding their existing six field baseball complex with the addition of four new, fully turfed youth baseball fields for 2024.  The new complex will entail six all natural grass fields with four fully turfed, artificial fields, enabling them to facilitate one of the largest youth complexes in Central Texas. ATXTurf has been selected as the vendor to construct the new complex.

All Sport President, Kim Mosier, commented, “We are excited to announce the addition of these fully customized all turf fields.  As our partnership with Five Tool Youth expands, we recognize the need and importance of giving teams a full-service venue that allows us to host teams to play at one park and one location. We believe, with the additional fields, we are uniquely positioned as the premier youth baseball park in Central Texas.”

All Sport President, Vance Taylor, added, “The ability to host teams on ten fields, at one location, combined with allowing teams to both play on a natural surface as well as all turf fields, provides a benefit to youth baseball in Central Texas.  The main benefit is teams will actually play where they are scheduled and eliminate the unnecessary travel due to limited fields in the area.  Additionally, the Five Tool Youth model has proven to be a great success and we are excited to expand upon our partnership with the organization.”

ATX Turf President, John Martin, commented, “It is refreshing to see youth baseball continue to grow in Central Texas.  We are excited to partner with All Sport and look forward to their continued success.”

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