Custom Sports Netting

Custom Sports Netting

Updated March 12, 2024

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Custom Facility Sports Netting

ATXTurf can make custom netting for any size sports facility and indoor batting cage facility.     Any length, width and height combination, we supply primarily #36 and #42 Gauge Netting for Little Leagues, High Schools and Colleges, but can also construct nets in higher gauges up on request.

Retractable Batting Cage Nets

The most common layout for indoor facilities is to create a 5-wided “Shell” Net, with a ceiling, 2 sides, and 2 ends all sewn together.   Then, we supply “divider” nets which slide back and forth along a cable system, much. like a shower curtain.  These dividers are single net panels, spanning the height and length of the cage.  This allows the flexibility for facilities to have individual cages or open the area up,  for infield drills or long toss.

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Be Sure to Visit our custom netting calculator to calculate the total square feet of net you’ll need by providing your facility height, length, width and number of dividers.  This also provides an estimate for the number of spring clips and length of cable you might need.

Batting Cage Net Calculator


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