Is There a Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor Artificial Turf?

Published July 9, 2023

5mm Padded Indoor Turf CloseUpMany customers ask if we sell indoor artificial turf.  The answer is yes, but if you sell any turf, you technically sell indoor artificial turf.  All outside turf can go inside, but not all indoor turf is ideal for outside.

The fibers themselves are either made of poly or nylon (like plastic) but both of these fibers can be used inside or outside.  

Turf for Gym Floors

Turf for Indoor Gym Floors

There is one distinguishing factor between an indoor and outdoor turf, and that’s whether the backing has drainage holes punched into it.  “Punching” the turf is simply one of the final steps in the manufacturing process where the turf is run over a large cylinder with spikes on it every few inches. Many “padded” turfs are made for indoor sports and training facilities will often be manufactured without drainage holes, meaning, the manufacturer just skipped this last step of “punching.” 

But it is also common to see padded turfs on a concrete slab for batting cages, so in that sense, even padded turfs are outdoor turf.  A single batting cage often doesn’t need drainage as much as a yard or athletic field.  Particularly, if the concrete slab is poured with a slight crown, the water will run off rather quickly since it is only 15’ wide.

Outdoor Artificial Turf Backing

Outdoor Turf Backing – Drainage Holes

Residential, Landscape and Sports Field Turfs will all have drainage holes, or the backing itself will be permeable.  Instead of seeing actual holes every 4 inches or so, the backing is simply made of a very fine mesh, designed to allow the appropriate number of gallons per minute.

So is there a difference between Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Turf?  Technically, yes, but turf is not manufactured in a way that it can ONLY be used Inside or Out.


  1. Danny

    I’m looking at the padded turf for my garage. Can it be vacuumed?

    • John

      Hi Danny, Yes it can be vacuumed. The pile height is short enough.

      The ATXTurf Team

  2. Ananda Swamy

    I want to lay artificial turf for soccer on the concrete and the area 56 square meters
    Which turfs do you recommend


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