5mm padded nylon batting cage turf
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5mm padded batting cage turf
5mm Padded Turf
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5mm Padded Nylon Turf



Price per square foot: $2.89

Updated April 27th, 2024

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This is a 5mm padded indoor premium turf.  This turf is most commonly used in indoor batting cages, gym areas, exercise and general sports training.  The 5mm pad (roughly half an inch) provides impact attenuation (or cushion) beyond the turf fibers themselves.  The benefits are most notable when your athlete is stretching or training on their hands and/or knees.  It’s easy to clean as the fibers are short and tight and a normal vacuum cleaner is typically fine to use.  How Much Turf do You Need?  Our Turf Calculator will give you your total square feet, roll count, excess turf, and amount of glue and seam fabric needed.

It weighs approximately 1 lb per square foot and the rolls will be 15 ft wide and cut to the length you need.  In a stand along batting cage, the rolls can often be loose laid without having to attach it to the ground.  Otherwise, it can be glued to concrete around the edges.  Multiple pieces can be seemed together with glue and seam fabric for heavier use, or lighter uses can use Turf Tape.

Designed for facilities who want the best product on the market. This turf is a 48 oz face weight with a nylon tufted tight surface  on a 5mm padded foam backing. Top of the line product. Colors and blade may vary.

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12 year warranty.

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