Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to ship my items?

Rolls of Turf are considered oversized items and will ship via Freight companies.  It will not come via UPS or Fedex.   ATXTurf uses many freight companies such as Estes, Xpress Global, Southeastern and Brauns.  Once the turf is picked up at our location, it will go to a freight terminal near us, then shipped to the closest freight terminal to your location.  Once the freight is at the terminal closest to you, the freight company will call to schedule an appointment delivery.  This will typically be from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, but there are exceptions in more remote areas.   This process can take 3 – 10 days, depending on how far away you are.

Once the Turf is picked up and arrives at the terminal, the freight company will usually have a Bill of Lading number within 24 hours on business days.  Once a Bill of Lading is created, you can call the freight company to get a better idea of when, and which days, they deliver to your area.  Larger metropolitan areas typically delivery every business day, while more remote areas may only be delivered 1 or 2 days a week.

Who unloads the freight truck?

The customer is responsible for unloading the turf rolls off of the freight truck.   The truck may be a full size tractor trailer, or a smaller box truck.  Freight companies will not drive up into driveways of residences, so the freight must be unloaded in the street.

Keep in mind the rolls will be heavy.  Residential Grass Style Turf weights about .5 lbs per square foot, while padded turf will weigh about 1lb per square foot.  A 15 x 70 roll, for example, is 1,050 sq ft, so it will weigh about 500 lbs.  A 15 x 70 of padded turf will weigh about 1,000 lbs.   If you have a large order of 5 or more long rolls, it may be worth it to rent a forklift or bobcat for the day to unload the truck and move the rolls to where they will be laid.

The rolls will be wrapped in plastic with a cardboard or pvc core in the middle.  It’s advisable to have a long rope or tow strap ready, to wrap around the rolls.  This gives you something to hold on to, or tie the other end on the hitch of a truck and drag the rolls off of the truck.   With a few strong backs, lighter rolls can be manually pulled out of the truck.


Is it OK to let the turf rolls sit for a long time?

Yes.  Turf can stay rolled up in the plastic wrap for months or even years.  Make sure its in a dry environment.  If you need to leave it for longer than several weeks, you will want to roll the rolls over half way every so often, in order to prevent wrinkles when you install it.  The weight of the roll itself will cause the bottom of the roll to flatten on the ground and it will not be a perfectly round roll.  If it stays like this for a long time, the backing of the turf will be difficult to flatten out when you eventually install it.

Can I pick up turf at the freight terminal?

Yes. If you need the freight for a deadline, but the freight company only comes to your zip code 1 or 2 days a week, you can go pick it up yourself at the nearest terminal.  If you initially supplied your address for delivery, but decide you would like to pick it up at the nearest freight terminal, you can do so.  You will need to notify ATXTurf so, as the shipper, we can send an authorization via email to the freight company to allow for a “Will Call” pick up. 

The rolls will be 15′ long, so you will need a trailer or Uhaul.  If you rent a Uhaul, the 15′ truck will not work.  The 15′ feet includes the top space over the cab.  The floor is only 12′ or so.  The 20′ truck is ideal.  In many areas, you are allowed up to 4′ to hang off the back of a trailer and should be flagged with red ribbon or some indicator.  

Will I get any refund on shipping if I pick up turf at the freight terminal?

No.  Freight charges are based off of the zip codes from the shipper to the end terminal nearest you.  The Freight company will not refund any money if the freight is picked up at the terminal, even when the quote was initially to your final address.  

How do I Install Artificial Turf?

There are many kinds of turf and sub bases.  Visit the ATXTurf,  Turf 101 blog here, to find over 20 comprehensive articles on turf installation advice and techniques.