Ultimate Spiked Softball Practice Pitching Mat Clay
Ultimate Spiked Softball Pitching Mat Practice
Spiked Mat Back

Ultimate Spiked Practice Mat

SKU: UPP1136


The Ultimate Spiked Softball Pitching Mat is a favorite amongst D1 Softball and higher level programs.   This full length, heavy-duty turf with SpikeTek Technology does not slide around or move.   Comes with inlaid, white turf lane stripes and regulation rubber.  The 11 feet of length is designed to accommodate full strides.


5,000 Spikes

11’L x 3’W

55 Lbs

2 year warranty

High-quality turf and lightweight design

Ultimate and Signature mats designed for pitcher’s full stride.

Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs

Purple, Clay, Green


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