Pro Combo Screen – 6.5’X7′



This new Pro Combo Screen is the most multi-functional protective screen on the market. This screen can be used for a variety of practice drills, most commonly for batting practice, front toss, and fast pitch batting practice. One side has the L-Shaped design with the diagonal hip protection for batting practice. The other side has a cutout that is used for front toss and fast pitch batting practice. Instead of buying two or three screens, our Pro Combo Screen gets the job done for all types practice, not only in batting cages, but also on the field as well. The new compact design also makes it easier to transport from the batting cage to the field.

Shipping $35.00

-#60 netting
-2 gussets on each leg to ensure durability and longevity
-2″ and 1.5mm thick steel tubing
-compression bolt system to ensure rigidity and strength
-1.5″ padding with a vinyl wrap

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