Incline Batting Tee



This tee allows for a 20-35 degree launch angle. If you hit the tee, your launch angle is too extreme. This tee is meant for hitters trying to mold their swing into a home run swing. The closer the hitter is to hitting the forward arm, the closer they are for optimum launch angle. The tee is made out of tough polyurethane, a much stronger and more durable material than rubber. This tee comes with a two year warranty.

-Comes in 4 lightweight pieces: base, bottom tube, forward arm, and outside barrier
-Extremely portable, lightweight, and durable; can be easily put together and taken apart
-Can be taken anywhere, from the backyard to games
-No need for a coach
-Both the Forward Arm and Outside Barrier give immediate feedback
-Ships at 7 pounds

Shipping $15.95

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