Elite Pro L-Screen – 6.5’X7′



The Elite Pro 6.5×7 L Screen is our top of the line screen. We make it as bulletproof as possible. Institutional tough to accept daily use.

Made with thick 2mm/13 gauge 2″ steel tubing that is galvanized and then powder coated. Our New compression bolting system makes this frame rigid and strong.

Includes the strongest net on the market, #96 knotted poly net, that slips on pillow case style to provides double protection. Includes thick 1.5″ padding with a vinyl wrap.

The perfect screen for both indoor and outdoor batting practice. The new 6.5′ x 7′ frame is small enough to fit inside a cage and provide ample protection, while also being big enough for outdoor BP. This new size also allows ample protection for coaches throwing outside but also allows ground balls and line drives to go through for infielders to test their range. Most 8′ x 8′ L-Screens don’t allow coaches and infielders to see their range and definitely won’t fit inside a batting cage. This newly sized L-Screen is the best of both worlds.

Shipping $35.00

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