Brush Top Batting Tee



Virtually Indestructible Batting Tee!Get a Clean “Swish” through the Ball!
The extremely durable Brush Top Tee makes batting tee work more like hitting a ball suspended in the air. The brush gives a clean “swish” through the ball and last up to 10 times longer than conventional rubber batting tees.
The Brush Top batting tee is molded from durable polyurethane to stand up to the most rigorous batting practice sessions.

A movable base allows you to quickly position the ball inside, outside, or off the plate to properly represent various pitch locations and correct ball contact points. The Brush Top batting tee accommodates baseballs and softballs. This tee is also extremely portable and can be taken anywhere, whether it be to the backyard, to travel ball games, or to your local high school. The tee breaks into 4 lightweight parts that make travel extremely efficient and easy.

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