5 Gallon Bucket ATX Turf Adhesive


  • 5 gallon bucket turf adhesive
  • Adhesive designed to bond synthetic turf to many substrates.
  • Provides superior adhesion with minimal foaming, even in humid and moist conditions
  • Can be poured and then troweled or can be used in a glue box
  • Cure Time: structural grab at 2-3 hours. Full cure in 24 hours
  • Use to bond Turf Rolls together with Fabric Seam Tape
  • 5 gallons covers approximately 200 linear feet of seams
  • Dont forget to order seam tape

How Many Buckets of Glue do You Need for Your Area?  Our Turf Calculator will calculate the amount of glue and seam fabric you will need.

Additional information

Weight 18.9271 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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