Advanced Skills Batting Tee



Advanced Skills Tee: THE ONLY REAL TRAINING TEE! Almost all other tees are only ball holders, nothing else. They might be durable but offer no other function. We feel the AST is the best tee on the market. Extremely durable and teach the right mechanics. Tees that hold the ball can be good for older players that have their swing path established but are not right for younger and developing players. The AST will allow for a 10 degree upward path, but no more. Statistics show that the optimum upward angle is between 4 – 8 percent. If the bat trajectory angle is higher, the bat will exit the zone too quick and reduce the percentage of contact.

-Comes in 4 lightweight pieces: base, bottom tube, forward arm, and outside barrier
-Extremely portable, lightweight, and durable; can be easily put together and taken apart
-Can be taken anywhere, from the backyard to games
-No need for a coach
-Both the Forward Arm and Outside Barrier give immediate feedback
-Ships at 5 pounds

Shipping $15.95

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