How Many Rolls of Turf Do I Need to Order?

Published March, 27, 2023

Turf Roll Calculator

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Artificial Turf is manufactured in 15 foot wide rolls.  For easiest installation and fewer seams, it is important to measure the area, and order rolls of turf, the full length of the area in order to avoid head seams.  A head seam is where the end of one roll of turf needs to be seamed to the other end of the next roll of turf.   Ideally, you will only have edge seams, where the sides of the turf are seamed together, and avoid tricky head seams all together.

If you have an area that measures in increments more than 15′ feet.  You may have excess turf.  While we will cut the rolls to custom lengths, we do not vertically cut the rolls.  For example, if your area is 75 ft long and 55 ft wide. You will need to order 4, 15′ x 75′ rolls, which totals 60′ x 75′, leaving you with an additional 5′ x 75′ of Turf.  Most of our customers are able to find something to do with the remainder.  We have had customers make home made batting mats or doormats out of it, or use the remnants in high traffic areas around the property.

The ATXTurf has built an artificial turf roll calculator, where you can easily enter the dimensions of a rectangular area, and get a custom diagram, with the total square foot, with how many 15’ wide rolls you will need, and where the seams will lie.

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