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Should I buy Used Artificial Turf?

Should I buy Used Artificial Turf? Share Published, August 8, 2022 / Updated July 21, 2023 "Remember to always ask your Used Turf Supplier for Manufacturer & Specification Sheet so you know who made it, how old it is and the materials used in it. " [video...

Can Synthetic Turf be Patched?

Can Synthetic Turf be Patched? Share Published August 1, 2022 Yes. But there are several variables to consider.  As synthetic turf ages, repairs and patches are inevitable to maintain safety and aesthetics.   Synthetic Turf can need repair for many reasons.  From the...

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Learn the nuances and non-obvious aspects of Artificial Turf, Sports Netting, Installation & Maintenance tips from the ATXTurf installation teams.  Bringing decades of experience, we write our blog articles for the purpose of making your turf project, or indoor sports facility as easy as possible by filling in the gaps of information gleaned from years of hands-on, nationwide turf and netting installation and maintenance projects.